Motorbike tours

Tour 1


Hotel al Giardinetto, Gotthardpass, Disentis, Lukmanierpass and back to the hotel.


This trip with its cobblestone streets reminds us of the ancient time when stagecoaches used to be an important mean of transport. The road descends from the Gotthardpass down into the opulent green hillsides of Urseren valley, then leads in the direction of Realp, where numerous curves wait for experienced and sportive drivers.

Tour 2

2h 45min

Hotel al Giardinetto, Lugano, Melide, Morcote, Montagnola, Luino, Quartino, Bellinzona and then back to the hotel.

This trip takes you along Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore, leads you through the village of Collina d’oro and the typical Ticinese landscape.

Tour 3


Hotel al Giardinetto, San Bernardino-Pass, Thusis, Julier-Pass, St. Moritz, Maloja-Pass, Chiavenna, Lugano and the back to the hotel.

This trip is made especially for mountain pass enthusiasts and lake admirers. Enjoy this tour with its stunning views on truly wonderful landscapes.

Al Giardinetto

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