Cycling trips

Tour 1

2h 15min

38 km

Hotel al Giardinetto, Claro, Castione, Gorduno, Gnosca, Iragna and then back to the hotel.


This trip leads southwards in the direction of Bellinzona and then back to the hotel on the other side of the valley.

Tour 2

4h 30min
73.5 km

Hotel al Giardinetto, Claro, Castione, Lumino, Lostallo, Lumino, Gorduno, Iragna and then back to the hotel.

Make a brief visit in the Canton of Graubünden and have a break - and lunch - at one of the typical grottos. It’s worth stopping and enjoying a local specialty.

Tour 3

7h 15min

77 km

Hotel al Giardinetto, Lukmanierpass and back to the hotel.​

This trip is meant for advanced cyclists who aren’t afraid of steep ascents and ramps. This tour is a class of its own and was already part of the bicycle race “Tour de Suisse”.
In the scheduled time of 7.25h for this trip is also taken some enjoyment time into account.
Al Giardinetto

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